Be the First. Every Time.

Backed by our team of expert researchers, Nature’s Truth has reinvented the art of responding to new and upcoming trends in the health community. Our products rise with demand, fly off the shelves and are designed to last, so you can stay current with emerging trends!

The Nature’s Truth Difference

We’ve combined expert market intelligence, thorough data analysis and seasoned leadership at every level of production to create Nature’s Truth, a pioneer of the supplement industry’s greatest advancements! We’re taking nutritional supplement innovation to the next level in everything we do.

  • We bring the newest and traditional supplements to market, fast.
  • Our formulations are designed with you in mind.
  • Our quality control & assurance processes are second-to-none.
  • Reliability like clockwork, so you can feel confident in all of our products and services.

We’re Always On the Lookout

Nature’s Truth knowledgeable team of researchers identify market trends so we can manufacture supplements in time to make sure the newest and hottest items you’re looking for are available! We use sophisticated forecasting tools, data analysis and customer insight to deliver the results you’re looking for quickly and efficiently.

Born for Quality, Built for Speed

At Nature’s Truth, we understand the delicate (and important!) balance between agility and quality. We stand behind our promise to deliver the highest quality supplements to shelves quickly and efficiently so you can always find what you need stamped with the trusted name of Nature’s Truth!

Why Play Catch-Up When You Can Lead?

Between our expedited sourcing with the world’s best farmers & exotic ingredient suppliers and our streamlined framework & vertical integration, we are able to achieve lightning-fast, quality controlled execution in everything we do.

In-House Quality Testing & Flexible Manufacturing

Our world-class microbiology, analytical, and chemical labs ensure we never have to wait for quality testing results; we are able to test the quality of our products time and time again from start to finish, fluidly. This way, when our researchers predict and come across new market trends, we are able to react quickly to get these products to you.

Led by the Best

With over 100 years of combined experience, our dedicated team of scientists, researchers, and nutritionists formulate vitamins quickly and effectively. While we don’t like to brag, we’ve proven that our team of vitamin industry veterans works together like a well-oiled machine!

We’re a Team, So Let’s Work Together!

While other supplement companies just supply, we partner with every retailer to ensure the best for all parties involved, especially our consumers. When retailers partner with Nature’s Truth, we:

  • Analyze and optimize your shelf space.
  • Share unique market intelligence and product forecasts.
  • Supply timely promotions and opportunities for maximum success.


By supplying and/or using Nature’s Truth products, you are partnering with our industry-leading scientists, researchers, nutritionists, quality control agents, and quality assurance teams. We are all united by a passion for natural health, which is why we are thrilled to introduce innovative processes, systems, and products that define the truth of what we are.

After all, our knowledge is our greatest advantage, so let’s discover our healthy lifestyles together!