Feel Rejuvenated with Dry Brushing

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Why you should use a dry brush

We brush our hair and our teeth, so why wouldn’t we brush our skin? If you use a salt or sugar scrub in the shower it’s most likely because you want to rub off that first dead layer of skin. Dry brushing has been around for centuries and is just as effective as using a salt or sugar scrub. Try it once and it might make it into your regular beauty routine.

The best dry brushes to purchase are made with natural bristles and a wooden handle. Remember that the longer the handle is, the easier you can reach those hard to get spots on your back. You should use a dry brush before you take a shower. You want to start brushing at your ankles and slowly move up your body. Don’t forget if you have sensitive skin to be gentle and don’t put too much pressure on sensitive areas. You can do this as often as once a day or once a week, it all depends on your body and how it feels after.

A great tip we learned is to drink a big glass of water after brushing. You can also rub on some sweet almond oil from head to toe to experience a spa-like body makeover.