The Five Best Aromatherapy Products for Traveling

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Whether you are traveling by train, plane or automobile these aromatherapy products will make your trip aroma fabulous.

Lavender Essential Oil Cream

Great to slather on your body before, during and after your travels. Get the much-needed moisture your body craves after a long day of traveling and cover your skin with this relaxing lavender aroma.

Good Nite Essential Oil Mist

Perfect for when you’re not able to snuggle in the comfort of your own bed and need to find some inner peace. Spray on the pillow, sheets and blanket to get a peaceful aroma during twilight hours.

Muscle Ease Essential Oil Roll-on

For when you’re running around all day and can’t keep up with yourself; or everyone else who’s depending on you. This roll-on is a blend of warming oils to create soothing muscle rubs after your longer than usual day.

Energy Essential Oil

Experience an essential oil that is energizing for the mind, body and spirit. This uplifting blend is great when mixed with a base oil for topical use and a few drops in your diffuser will stimulate your senses.

Mini Diffuser

You can use the diffuser in the morning, late at night and even in the afternoon. Add any essential oil for a calming or uplifting aroma, whenever and wherever you want.